About Me

Hi, I’m Magpie.

To sum myself up, I’m just an average 30-something trying to make the most of every day. I spend an inordinate amount of time as a musical sell-sword in order to help finance my History teaching habit. Making ends meet as an Adjunct can be time consuming, but in what little free time I do have I like to read and make things (and occasionally play video games).

My main research interests are kind of dark and can really wear on the psyche – lots of death, sorrow, unprecedented destruction, and the worst possible sides of humanity – and so I make an effort to surround myself with bright and happy things as much as I can. I love glitter, I love nail polish, and I’ve become a very big fan of bright colors in the last few years. Anything else you wish to know, you can probably find within the posts of Magpie Making Do!



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