Operation: Finish the Afghan

Progress So Far

So I have this afghan. It’s been half-done since somewhere around 2008. Maybe 2009. I started it as a graduation gift for my college roommate, but as it continued to linger and linger and linger, and as years and years passed since both of our graduations that original purpose became moot.

And now it’s 2015. I’m three years away from a 10 year college reunion (which I will probably not go to, since I didn’t know anyone I graduated with – I graduated a year early). And still the afghan remains. Unfinished. Languishing in a green milk-style storage carton behind our couch.

Yarn in the box

The time has come. It’s time to be done with it.

And I’m going to pretend its for a much nobler reason than the fact that I need the storage container for sweaters. I’m going to pretend it’s in the interest of finishing what I started – committing to a project and seeing it through. Being a woman of my word.

You’ll help me keep up that illusion, right?


Langishing in box


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