2 thoughts on “Cleaning Up My Pinterest

  1. i have been wanting to this for so long as well but i have over 10,000 pins! that would take forever! but at the end i bet it would be amazing to have it all organized and have all the pins be captioned properly (i NEVER change them)

    kudos to you! maybe when you have finished you can write a post of how amazing it feels and that will encourage me to do it! haha

  2. Ugh- this seems so daunting! It’s something I keep starting…. and then never finishing. I feel like I have so many pins that I can’t even get to the end anymore! What makes it even worse is that I fix a little…. and then a aimlessly pin more. I still don’t even check where my pins are going, how bad is that ? It’s probably something I shouldn’t even admit as a blogger!

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