Very Inspiring Blogger Award


Emma from BlueChickenNinja has nominated me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award! I imagine re-nominating the person who nominated you is probably against the protocol here (though I totally would if it wasn’t!), so I’m just going to say go check her out. She’s pretty awesome, and creates some seriously beautiful and impressive art and graphic design. Thanks for the nomination, Emma!

So now that I’ve been nominated, there are a few rules I have to follow:

  1. Thank and link the amazing person(s) who nominated you.
  2. List the rules and display the award.
  3. Share seven facts about yourself.
  4. Nominate 15 other amazing blogs and comment on their posts to let them know they have been nominated.
  5. Optional: Proudly display the award logo on your blog and follow the blogger who nominated you.

So here goes nothing.

Seven Facts:

– I play more instruments than any sane person should. I’ve been playing cello for 17 years now, and am also a well trained soprano voice – I studied in an opera program for two years while I was in college before I switched my major to English. I also play French Horn fairly competently and can get by on violin, viola, bass, and trumpet (as long as I’m part of a section – you don’t want to hear me solo on those things). I’ve also played marimba and xylophone in a pinch.

– I was a 3+ cup a day coffee addict by the age of 14. I detoxed myself this winter, and now do not HAVE to have 3 cups by noon to stave off headaches. But still, oh, do I love coffee…

– I love Labrador Retrievers. Our family has had labs basically my whole life, and in the off chance I can ever afford a dog, that’s what I’m getting.

– I was really into drawing as a tween/teen, but shied away from it because my main inspiration was Akira Toriyama and I was afraid of being branded as weird for being an anime fan. I was pretty dumb as a tween/teen. I now wish so much that I had kept it up/had the time to get back into it.

– I had never been to a Disney park until this winter when we went to Disney World (which I still need to write posts about… booooo bad blogger). It was totally everything I had ever imagined (and more!), even at the age of 27.

– In college I spent a month traveling to and performing in four cities in China with my University’s Opera Workshop. I guess a lot of Americans lose weight when they travel there for long periods of time because the food is very different and whatever. But not me. I gained 10 pounds in a month because I ate all the things, and all the things were beyond delicious. I’m apparently an adventurous eater when I travel.

– In trying to write this post, it became apparent that my RSS reader is in total disarray, and so many of the blogs I follow have fallen into the abyss of inactivity over the years. So I need some fresh reading material! Any recommendations for blogs would be seriously appreciated!

And then, last but most importantly, here are my nominations, in no particular order (and not nearly 15 of them – see last fun fact above!):

Ali Does it Herself: Adventures in Grown Up Living: Ali has about a bazillion amazing DIY projects, and ohhhhhh, the baked goods… my mouth waters just thinking about them.

With Luck Blog: I love Jenn’s blog to pieces, and her ootd and polyvore posts have had a big impact on me as I try to fashion a more professional, but still young and fashionable looking wardrobe for myself. Bonus: her puppy Allegra is just the cutest!

Modern Notebook: Erin is a lovely and versatile writer who chronicles her adventures at Modern Notebook. She mixes up the blog with writing exercises and stories and her link roundups are always amazing! I also love her Cool People Series.

Icantmakethisshitup: Not the happiest blog on this list, but the stories contained within, and the fact that she still manages somehow to be so positive and uplifting has made Icantmakethisshitup a continual source of inspiration.

Crochet Thread: Ann from Crochet Thread does the most amazing vintage crochet pattern reproduction, and truly amazing free-hand crochet.

SpinKnit Up: An old blog friend I made through ravelry back when I had my old blog, Timiae constantly impresses me with what a prolific knitter she is, and how beautiful the finished products always are. I have no idea how she does it!

The Traveling Pantry: One look at the homepage alone with have you drooling and itching to cook.

Dr. Chop Suey Knits: Another blog friend from back in the day, Suzy’s lacework constantly amazes me!

The Twisted Yarn: TheTwistedYarn has made a mission of yarnbombing her house as much as possible, and the results are always mega-inspiring!


3 thoughts on “Very Inspiring Blogger Award

  1. Thanks for the nomination…..what you said about my blog actually brought a tear to my eye (a good one that is). Interesting to see other blog mentions, looking forward to checking them out!

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