Pysanka Wednesday

vine egg front 2013

Today I have an egg that I actually made last year, but never got around to sharing anywhere. Last year I didn’t really make enough eggs for my lines to fully even out, so a lot of the line work is a little wobbly and uneven – you can really see it in the close-up. Overall though, I’m fond of the design. Not too busy, but also not too simple. I also really like how the vine around the egg came out. The orange band through the middle of the vine was actually a mistake, but I ended up really liking it. Now if only my lines had been a little more steady… I may have to give this design another shot!

side vine egg 2013


2 thoughts on “Pysanka Wednesday

  1. The eggs you share are always so awesome! I don’t even think I could draw an even line on a piece of paper with my favorite pen so I think your design work is pretty fantastic! haha

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