World War I Diaries

Operation War Diary Screenshot

So, since the centennial of the start of World War I is this year, the Imperial War Museum and the British National Archives have joined together in a massive project to digitize what will eventually be 1.5 million pages of WWI Diaries to make available to the public. Naturally, this is a MASSIVE task, and so they’re doing something really interesting (and awesome if you’re a history nerd like me) by using crowd sourcing to help classify and tag them all.

I’m all about historical outreach, and first person account and war diaries are kind of my thing, so I sure know where my weekend is going… let’s not talk about the fact I should be doing my own work! Even if you’re not a history lover, take a look, and maybe take some time and help out with the project… these things are really amazingly interesting, and who knows? Maybe you’ll find some relatives in there.

Any of you history people? WWI buffs? What do you think of the project?

(screenshot directly from the Operation War Diary Website and is linked to it.)


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